Baccano The logo for baccano made by the lovely Qian Sun

Create unique avatars for yourself and your app.

Baccano generates a unique avatar image using a hash of the user's ID (or what ever else you want to put in there ⛄️). The algorithm uses the hash to generate a color palate, and accessories. These accessory variations, combined with hash-determined color values, which means there are millions of unique avatars!!

If you want just a random image use <img src=""> and we’ll generate a random base 64 string and image for you! ✊

Here's a good example!

<img src="" alt="Hodor avatar" />

Hodor avatar

You can also access a randomized image with /random! Using this will get you a different avatar every time. Try refreshing the page.

<img src="" alt="Random avatar" />

Random avatar